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From the Co-Principals - Funding Crisis and the National Funding Formula

Surrey Heads join those in 13 other counties to take their concerns regarding the Funding Crisis to their MPs.

We are sure that you are now aware of the widespread concern over the difficult funding situation currently facing all schools.  Surrey Heads have now joined with those in 13 other counties to take their collective concerns to their elected members of parliament. 

We know that the well-publicised government view is that they have provided more protection for schools than many other areas in this period of austerity.  We can assure you that as a large organisation we are constantly monitoring our expenditure and making cuts to ensure we provide best value.  However, the significant increases that we will have to pay from April 2018, to cover changes to staff national insurance and pension contributions is far beyond those that can be covered by reasonable efficiencies.  This increase in our costs, which has been estimated at around 8-10%,  is a direct result of government policy and the only way that schools will manage their future budgets is by further reducing the number of staff, which of course will impact on the quality of education for all students. 

Whilst the proposed National Funding Formula would provide a small increase for Collingwood this is almost entirely wiped out by the loss of other grants such as Educational Support Grant (ESG).  As school leaders, we do not believe that the government appreciate the significance of the cuts that schools are considering.  Schools are currently planning to save money by increasing class sizes, reducing pastoral support staff, cutting option subjects and reducing additional activities.

At a time when our schools have been so successful in raising aspirations and educational standards, we believe that our future economic success is dependent on continuing this great work.

Please find in this week's newsletter copies of the documents we have sent to Michael Gove, as the MP for Surrey Heath and we would urge you to contact him or your own MP to help add weight to the campaign.   Michael Gove’s email address is:

Mrs Griffiths and Mr Tanner - Co-Principals

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