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Collingwood Sixth Form

Year 10 Sixth Form Taster Day 

On Wednesday 30 June, the Sixth Form hosted a Sixth Form taster day for the Year 10 students. The students chose four subjects which they would be interested in studying at A Level and got to experience what it is like to be a Sixth Former at Collingwood.  Along with the variety of subjects on offer, students were also able to be in non-uniform and have a free period, just like they would in Sixth Form.

I asked two students (Libby E in 10C and Sam C 10A) to answer some questions about their experience:

What subjects did you pick?

Libby: I chose English Combined, English Literature, Drama and Film Studies.

Sam: I chose Computing, Physics, Maths and Product Design.

What did you learn about Sixth Form?

Libby: I learnt that the class sizes are smaller and you have study periods in your timetable, which I think would be helpful as it would help me stay on top of my workload.

Sam: I learnt that if we are doing a practical subject, such as product design, then in your free periods and study sessions, you are able to go to the workshop to work on the project or coursework.

What was your favourite part of the day?

Libby: I really enjoyed each of my lessons as I found it interesting seeing what I would be learning about in the subjects if I chose them and all the sixth form students and teachers who I interacted with during my lessons were friendly and made it enjoyable.

Sam: My favourite part of the day was being able to joke around with teachers and have a less formal relationship. The food and free period were also highlights.

Has it made you want to stay at Collingwood?

Libby: The taster day has definitely given me more reasons to stay at Collingwood, it has given me a good insight to what it would be like and hearing the points of view from Sixth Formers has made me want to stay as they seem to really enjoy Collingwood Sixth Form.

Sam: Yes definitely, as I love how the teachers in Sixth Form get to really know you as a person and I am really looking forward to studying my favourite subjects at A Level. 

By Izzy Cox (Y12 student)