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Collingwood Sixth Form

Collingwood Sixth Form offers a range of opportunities for students to gain experience/qualifications outside of timetabled lessons and to maximise their productivity during free periods. Below are the routes we offer to help students achieve this.

Seminar Programme 

The Seminar programme provides an opportunity for college staff and external providers to provide essential information, advice and guidance to students and incorporates the delivery of the PSHE curriculum covering three key areas: Living in the Wider World, Relationships and Sex, and Health and Wellbeing.   

Seminars are held every week and are compulsory. Students will be advised in advance as to which seminar will be taking place and which year group should attend.  This year, Seminar will be held on Wednesday period 3. A register will be taken, so unless instructed by the Sixth Form Personal Tutor team you must attend.  

The Personal Tutorial and Seminar Programme is part of Sixth Form students’ overall timetable and therefore, unless advised, attendance is mandatory. During this time the following activities will take place: 

  • Individual and Group Tutorials 

  • Study Skills 

  • PSHE Curriculum  

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing Advice 

  • UCAS Advice 

  • Presentations by external speakers and organisations 

  • Student Committee Activities 

  • Work Experience   

  • Careers Advice 

Work Experience

In the summer of Year 12 all students are expected to complete a work experience placement.  We have good connections with some local providers and Personal Tutors are very keen to assist students in the process of applying.

Students will be introduced to Grofar, an online digital careers passport which will help them to create a careers profile, track their careers activity and skills development, and produce a valuable CV printout. Students will use Grofar to manage their work experience placement and access the various sections in their digital logbook such as action plans and targets.

We believe that the opportunity to take part in work experience allows an excellent insight into possible career paths and supports student’s thinking about college, apprenticeship and other pathways leading to their chosen career path. Additionally, it is envisioned that students would further develop their skills in communication, teamwork, time management etc during this time.

Beyond the Classroom – Enrichment  

Although the main aim at Collingwood is to ensure success on your chosen courses, the philosophy of Collingwood emphasises an all-round involvement in college life.  The Sixth Form has a distinct College atmosphere and being part of one of the largest educational establishments in Surrey allows students to be involved in a wide range of activities. Many of these can allow Sixth Formers to take responsibility for younger students.  

Activities include:  

  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme  
  • Student Leadership (Senior Prefect Team) 
  • Lesson Assistance and Paired Reading/Toe by Toe  
  • Peer Mentoring/buddying with younger students.

Peer Mentoring:

Year 12 students have the opportunity to be trained as mentors where they are assigned a member of the lower school to mentor throughout the year. They can achieve a nationally recognised qualification.

Senior Prefect Team:

The opportunities to be a student leader at Collingwood Sixth are vast. We have a senior prefect team with a number of different roles dependent on the skill-set of the individual.

Sixth Form Revue:

A completely student-led and student-produced show where sixth formers act in sketches, sing, dance or participate in backstage crew and lighting/sound teams.

Toe By Toe:

An opportunity to assist in the literacy skills and development of students in younger years. Students will read in the library with a buddy for a set period of time.

Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE):

Students complete a program that ranges between three levels; taking on volunteering, physical and skills based activities. Each level is finished with an expedition and participants gain a nationally recognised qualification and certificate.


Trips can be subject-specific or whole cohort and are not all compulsory. Sixth Form trips include:

  • West Coast USA - Los Angeles
  • China
  • Summer expedition (e.g. Nicaragua)
  • New York/Washington
  • Isle of Wight.

Plus additional subject-specific trips throughout the year.