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30 June 2021

Summer Site Improvements

I am delighted to inform you that one of our DfE bid applications has been successful and we have been allocated just under £700,000 for improvements to fire doors and fire compartmentation in Kingston building.  The funding announcement was delayed significantly so it is unlikely that work will be able to start in earnest until next year, but this project will significantly improve both the safety and appearance of the building.  This is excellent news which, with our intended improvements on staff and student washrooms, the installation of the new security gates, the refurbishment of the Sixth Form Common Room and external social area, a new lighting rig in Kingston Theatre and a more substantial pathway between Barossa and Kingston, will mean that we will be spending well in excess of £1,000,000 on capital projects in the near future.  Work is already underway on further plans to secure funding for major site improvements.

Ethnic Diversity, Prejudice, and Inclusion

There is a heightened national awareness of issues relating to ethnic diversity, prejudice and inclusion, and the College is looking to review all aspects of its policies, curriculum provision and working practices to ensure we are as inclusive a College as possible.

We are organising a meeting for interested students in Years 10 and 12 to discuss issues relating to ethnic diversity and prejudice, and ways to address these issues at College.  The meeting will be facilitated by Mr Webster and Mrs Valu.

This is part of the College’s response to issues raised by the Black Lives Matter movement. We are looking to form a working party that includes students and staff to inform how we address issues of diversity, equality, and inclusion in the future. The student meeting will focus on racial and ethnic diversity and inclusion rather than some of the broader diversity/inclusion issues related to gender/sexuality etc.

Exams 2022

Discussions are continuing around what exams next year may look like.  Here’s what we know so far:

  1. There is a desire that exams at GCSE and A level will take place.
  2. There appears to be an acceptance that some form of modification of those exams will be needed (which may include reduced content/priority topics/reduction in papers).
  3. There is also a return to the concept of supporting students with materials issued ahead of examinations – data sheets, case studies and so on.

We hope that details of these arrangements will be notified to us before teaching begins in September and we will forward these to parents and students once received.

Mr Tanner - Principal

Curriculum Information