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Collingwood Plays Host to Chinese Students

During the week of Monday 13 January to Friday 17 January Collingwood played host to 30 Chinese students from Eastern China, who had come to the UK on a cultural visit.

With the considerable assistance from Mr Burton (Business) and Mr Thomas (Technology) the visitors were assigned a buddy from Years 9 to 11 to accompany them in lessons throughout the week.

The Chinese visitors, with their accompanying teachers, experienced our very full curricular and extra-curricular College life, including, courtesy of Accent Catering, our lunches.

For the visiting students, those we talked to mentioned how they enjoyed the PE, and especially how manageable our Maths lessons were, and they just loved the canteen experience! 

Collingwood is indeed the proud recipient of the International School Award, and the College welcomed this experience. 

For the student ‘buddies’ the process was invaluable, with new inputs every day.  A great introduction to Collingwood’s Asian Week, which begins on 27 January!

Mr Bunter - International Schools Co-ordinator

Curriculum Information