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Status Racing Team Ranked a Remarkable 8th in the World!

Status Racing achieve 8th place out of 75 in the International Greenpower Final!

Status Racing battled all weather at the Greenpower International Final at Rockingham last Sunday 16 October to complete 40.37 miles in the ninety minute endurance race - ranking us 8th in the world!

Status Racing is a team of 16 students from all year groups at Collingwood - who design, build and race battery powered Greenpower endurance cars.  We compete in regional heats around the country from June to September with the aim of qualifying for the International Final.

On Sunday 16 October, the team travelled to Rockingham Motor Speedway to compete against the top 75 teams in the world.  Greenpower is rapidly expanding internationally - with competing teams from the USA, Brazil, Poland, South Africa and Ireland joining the UK teams!

The day began with a 4.30am meet at Collingwood, before setting off on the 2 ½ hour journey to Rockingham.  We started so early that McDonalds hadn't even started serving their Breakfast menu!

We arrived at Rockingham at 7.15am where we unloaded the race equipment and swiftly prepared the car for scrutineering (a pre race MOT of the car to check it is compliant with rules to race).

The one hour practice session started at 9.00am and was an opportunity for the drivers to get used to driving on the soaking wet track!

We then swapped over the batteries and lined up on the grid ready for Race 1 of the Formula 24 competition.  Toby Nowell pushed driver Sam Attard to the 11th spot on the 75 car grid (as we qualified for the final in 11th place after the regional heats).  Unfortunately for Sam this was also the point the heavens opened and torrential rain soaked the car and driver.

In true British spirit, the race began and straight away the car started to climb places, despite the weather!  Rockingham is a NASCAR style track meaning it is essentially one large left corner.  This, paired with the banked sides and hilly front straight, makes calculating the right gear ratios very tricky.  We need to gear the car so that we can maximise speed but also conserve the batteries for the race.

45 minutes into Race 1 the team actually climbed into first position, remaining first for 20 minutes of the race.  Sadly, we had slightly over geared it meaning we would not sustain the speed.  The final few laps of the race were like watching in slow motion, as the car trundled along the straight and across the line.

We knew we had to make some improvements in order to maximise our performance for the final race of the day.  We decided to withdraw entry from the F24+ sixth form race and spend an hour tweaking the car for Race 2.

At 2.45pm the car lined up once more on the grid (this time in bright sunshine!) for our final race of the year.   

As planned, the car started much slower dropping to 16th place in the first thirty minutes; but we were playing the long game!  45 minutes before the end of the race - during our final driver change, we altered one line of code in our speed controller - allowing 100% throttle for the remainder of the race.

Back on the track, we started to overtake some of the top teams; setting very fast consistent lap times.  This gamble paid off, as we crossed the chequered flag to a loud applause from the team!

We have had an amazing season this year and the final result only adds to the spectacular results.  We started as a team in 2010 and have completed six seasons.  Last season, we ranked 48th internationally, so to gain 40 places in just one year is such an achievement.   

I cannot thank enough all of our sponsors, team members, parents and teachers who help make this project possible.  The continued dedication of Mr Winter, who still manages to find time to run the club, even as Head of Department, is so greatly appreciated.  Also, thanks to Mr Todd and Mr Thomas who have joined us this year and have already helped a huge amount!

Status Racing Team Members: Dan Martin (Year 13), Livvy Retallack (Year 12), Ben Wright (Year 11), Matt Godfrey (Year 11), Harry Carlson (Year 10), Samuel Attard (Year 9), Ethan Hare (Year 9), Toby Nowell (Year 9), Thomas Freeman (Year 8), Ben Gurden (Year 8), Jack Connolly (Year 8), Toby Warren (Year 8), Anna Welch (Year 8), Dominic Young (Year 8)

We are already looking at how we can improve for next season, with a Mark 4 car in design currently.  We have the dedication and skill to make a championship winning car, but are in need of funding to help us achieve this.  If any individuals or companies are interested in finding out more about sponsoring our team, please get in touch with Dan Martin at

Dan Martin - Status Racing Team Leader and Year 13 Student

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