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Aspire is a small class intervention, focusing on literacy, numeracy and social emotional aspects of learning.  It runs in the place of Languages in years 7 and 8.  Some students transition back into Languages if they have made significant progress,

Aspire students are students entering Year 7 who have been identified during transition from primary school through discussion with the SENCos of feeder schools as having significantly higher needs than their peers. 

Aspire students may have low attainment and/or problems with social, emotional and mental health development.  Some may have an EHCP whilst others may be at risk of permanent exclusion.  It may also be appropriate to offer a place to students who are new to the country and have English as an Additional Language, or students who are returning to school after a long illness.  For further information about the Aspire Programme please contact us on 01276 457600 and ask for the SEN Department, or if you currently have a student at Collingwood use our online communication system (accessible via Edulink, Links) to request further information.

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