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Home Learning

Quantity and Type of Work Set

a.    Quantity

Based on national guidelines, Collingwood students are expected to regularly spend the following amount of time on home learning tasks:

  Daily Time
Year 9 45 minutes to 1½ hours

A Home Learning timetable is produced by Heads of Department for each subject and will be communicated to students.  Parents will be informed of the tasks set via Edulink.  The frequency is agreed as follows:

  KS4 (per two-weekly cycle)
Maths 3
English 4
Science 3
IT 1
Option A 4
Option B 2
Option C 2

Teaching staff are expected to consider the task set and the time that their students should be spending on it and students should be guided about the time that they spend on tasks.  Where students are continually spending more time on certain tasks, parents are asked to contact the Subject Tutor by note in the planner.

Non-Examined Assessments (NEA) for examination classes will be set well in advance, giving time for guidance and support where possible.  It is recognised that KS4 and Post-16 NEA tasks may be set as a home learning task but that they may require more time than that allocated.  Teaching staff are asked to make students aware of NEA requirements and the additional time needed to complete such work.

b.    Type of Work to be Set and Available Resources

There are a variety of tasks that can be set for Home Learning.  Tasks need to be varied in order that the aims of Home Learning are met.

Tasks could be of the following nature: 

  • Research using the library or internet
  • Reading, recording, revising
  • Answering questions
  • Watching a programme or DVD
  • Learning spelling, vocabulary and scripts
  • Discussing with family and friends
  • Finding newspaper or magazine articles
  • Developing class work
  • Preparing a presentation
  • Collecting materials/data
  • Writing an essay
  • Coursework
  • Revision for tests and assessments
  • Listening to tapes.

The resources needed to complete any set task must be available to the students. These resources could be in the form of information in textbooks, on worksheets or information sheets, etc.

Collingwood College will ensure that students have the available support and resources in order that they can complete their home learning tasks.

Curriculum Information