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Recognition of Achievement

 As one means of recognising our students' achievements, Collingwood hosts several award presentation events throughout the year.  Please view our photo albums by clicking on the link on the left hand side.

Other examples of how we reward our students for their achievements are as follows:

  • Principal's Award (25 praise points)
  • Praise Points
  • Certificates
  • Positive Postcards
  • Achievement Assemblies, e.g. Sports Assemblies take place at the end of every term to reward all those students who have represented Collingwood in all sports.
  • Wall of Achievement, e.g. every month in MFL a list of those students who have produced outstanding work is displayed on the department's noticeboard, in the newsletter and on the internal electronic noticeboards.
  • Stickers issued by departments for excellent work
  • Special Memorial Awards
    • Eleanor Colby - this award is presented in memory of Ellie Colby, the daughter of former English teacher Mrs Colby, who tragically died at just six days old from Cot Death.  It is presented annually at the 6th Form Leavers’ Assembly to the student that has undergone a journey during their time at Collingwood and has demonstrated in their life the values Ellie’s parents would have wanted to instil in Ellie, such as passion for life, kindness, determination and resilience.  Mrs Colby presents this award with her husband to a student nominated by teaching staff.
    • James Cox - this award is presented annually at the CAPA Faculty Awards evening.  It is presented in memory of James (a Collingwood student) who sadly died in an accident on the Red Road.  James Cox was fully involved with music at Collingwood both as a brass player and on stage in Dracula Spectacula.   Mrs Cox requested that this memorial award be presented to a student from the 11-14 age group who showed promise in their musical studies.
    • Eddie Crick - this award is presented annually at the Year 12 Achievement Awards to the most improved student in Economics.  It is presented in memory of Eddie (teacher of Economics) who sadly died shortly after taking early retirement.  Eddie taught at Collingwood for over 30 years and was passionate about Economics and an inspiration to all the students that he taught, always achieving superb A Level results.

    • Lesley Gathercole - this award is presented annually at the CAPA Faculty Awards evening.  It is presented in memory of Lesley (a Collingwood student) who was a talented flautist tragically killed on the A30.  Her commitment to music at Collingwood was outstanding and so this memorial award is presented to a student who has also shown outstanding commitment.
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