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Students' Comments

M aths has many aspects,
A lways challenging and really fun,
T ough at times,
H elp is always available,
E ven after school,
M aths can be hard,
A lthough some topics are easy,
T rying your best,
I s essential because success,
C omes after failure and
S uccess is the aim!

"When I first came to Collingwood I thought Maths would be either boring or really scary, thankfully it isn't either.  It's really fun, and it isn't too hard either.  In fact, a lot of it is revision for me.  The teachers explain the tasks really well, so I understand what everything means."

"The Maths Department's enthusiasm and support will get you through any exam!  They are the most caring department in Collingwood, always prepared to go the extra mile to help you.  The friendly atmosphere of lessons really projects a positive working environment and without them we would not have been predicted top grades."

"Further Maths is a brilliant opportunity if you like Maths and enjoy learning more.  There is plenty of options within Maths like Pure, Mechanics and Statistics, so you never get bored or master everything.  The everyday classes are great, brilliant teachers laid back and fun but still the most productive lessons you have.  An excellent choice for anyone wanting to do Maths or Science at university because it gives you that extra edge over the rest of the applicants."

"When it comes to choosing your A Level courses you can't really go wrong with Maths.  It's the most useful subject going.  You may think that Maths can't really go anywhere after GCSE, but there are lots of different options within Maths.  You can choose to do Pure Maths, Mechanics, Statistics and Decision Maths.  They are all very different.  I choose to study Further Maths as Maths had always been my best subject as I worked my way up through the College, and I was fairly sure that I wanted to do something Maths-based at university.  Further Maths covers a lot of the first year university topics, and so I will be able to take life a bit easier in my first year.  Maths is particularly good at Collingwood, the teachers are excellent and the department is the friendliest in the College.  I can't recommend it more."

"OK....Mathematics.  Best things about Maths; you use it everywhere; if you do the Sciences, you'll employ the maths you learn.  Maths is definitely an essential tool for any technical or scientific field you wish to pursue.  Even if you want to go into Law for example, Maths will train your mind to think logically, another very useful skill.  Choose Pure, Mechanical or Statistical Maths, come the second year, your A Level will be in single Mathematics.  That is unless you choose to do Further Mathematics, which counts as two A Levels. This option is a must if you love mathematics and want to do anything technical at university.  Universities recognise applicants with Further Maths and it definitely puts you at an advantage."

"Further Maths is definitely a challenge."

"I chose to do Further Maths so that I would be working at a fast pace with other students of the same calibre."

"The small classes have a cheerful atmosphere and we all work well together.  Although I am not planning to do a Mathematical based subject at university, I have gained a lot from taking Further Maths."

"My choice of Maths and Further Maths has in fact inspired me to study Maths further at university."

"Maths has never been one of my favourite subjects, but I chose it as a challenge and wanted to be able to show diversity of ability alongside my other, very literary-based subjects."

"Originally I took Single Maths at the start of Year 12.  I found the pace was too slow for me, so I decided to change to Further Maths.  The work was more challenging and the pace of the lessons suited me well."

"Universities now favour Further Maths because of its depth."

"Very challenging, very time-consuming but generally beneficial."

"Further Maths is more a way of life than a subject.  It is a community, consisting of only the best."

"Further Maths is a great subject to take with Chemistry and Physics."

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